The Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery

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The Huckleberry cafe and bakery serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in an atmosphere of fun, creative comfort. Our food is created to be contemporary comfort food- real food you recognize and love with a modern twist.  We also have a full service bakery onsite, baking fresh pies, pastries,  cookies, cakes and bread daily.  Our fresh baked gluten-free bread is incredible.

Located in Historic Downtown Louisville, Colorado, The Huckleberry’s historic building dates back to 1894. Originally the town’s Post Office, our building has also served as a bank, a pharmacy, and two different restaurants. The building was also one of the places along the “prohibition tunnels”, dug by the miners to get from one saloon to another during the years of Prohibition.


At The Huckleberry there’s something for everyone!


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